Ultra PRO and You: Our COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Ultra PRO's commitment to protection does not end at your collectibles! In facing the COVID-19 threat, we quickly took to CDC recommended guidelines and business best practices to develop our company-wide Social Distancing Policy. These policies include strict requirements for wearing face masks, hand sanitization, and other various best practices. Additionally, Ultra PRO assists in the public fight against COVID-19 by leveraging our sourcing and manufacturing expertise to donate personal protective equipment to healthcare professionals and our retail store customers. 

From manufacturing to fulfillment, Ultra PRO is dedicated to ensuring a safe work environment and protecting the health of our employees, business partners, and customers. Examples of key actions we have taken are:
  • PPE Production - In April, we utilized our manufacturing capabilities to help fill the growing need for PPE at the beginning of the pandemic. We converted our machinery to produce disposable face shields and plastic covers for medical equipment.

  • Sourcing PPE - Tapping into our international supply chain network, we negotiated and sourced disposable face masks during a time of extreme shortage in the open market. This allows us to provide face masks to all our employees and on-site visitors to ensure strict adherence to our safety policies. We have provided face masks to our retail hobby shop customers free-of-charge to assist them in safely continuing business operations.

  • Employee Safety Kits – With the extreme general shortage in everyday safety supplies, we negotiated with our vendors and created personal stay-safe kits for all our employees. These kits include disposable face masks, hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, and forehead thermometers. In keeping with our practice of putting employees first, we continue to offer our employees refills of these kits as needed.

  • Social Distancing - Every working area of Ultra PRO has been modified to accommodate CDC recommended social distancing procedures.

    • All stationary employee workspaces have been adjusted to 6 or more feet apart, including the reduction of our office capacity and changing the manufacturing floor to accommodate the appropriate spacing
    • Lunch and shift schedules have been adjusted to reduce the number of staff gathering in any particular area at a time
    • Meeting areas have been closed, chairs have been removed to enforce reduced capacity
    • High-traffic areas have been rerouted to one-way-only flow to reduce employees passing each other, or markers have been added to the floor to aid in appropriate social distancing when queued
    • Certain office staff have been provided remote workstations to accommodate work from home
    • All employees, vendors, and visitors are required to wear a mask over their mouth and nose on our premises

  • Sanitation Measures - Ultra PRO is committed to sanitizing high-contact surfaces several times throughout the day. Our measures include hiring additional sanitation staff, engaging electrostatic disinfectant spray services, and installing hand sanitation stations throughout our facility.

  • Caring For Our Employees - Policies consistent with local health and safety regulations have been put in place to identify employees with COVID-19 related symptoms or potential exposure to the virus. Once identified, employees are required to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine without penalty to pay. Our Human Resources staff also conduct contract tracing to identify close interactions and implement self-quarantine to minimize any potential spread. Furthermore, Ultra PRO provided an additional paid personal day to the 2020 time-off benefit to encourage self-care in these uncertain and stressful times. Free mental health support is also included in the healthcare benefit offered to all full-time employees.

To protect our employees, customers, and community's health and safety, Ultra PRO has and will continue to study industry-standard best practices, CDC updates, and recommendations from reputable health officials worldwide. Thank you for trusting in Ultra PRO.