Shifting our focus to PPE

Shifting our focus to PPE

Scott Swanson |

As some of you may have noticed, Ultra PRO has been a little more quiet than usual here on social media.

That's because our focus has shifted to aiding the local and international healthcare community.

Instead of just sleeving up cards, we've been sending out larger "sleeves" to encase and protect medical equipment.

Instead of making pages and binders, we've created face shields for medical PPE.

Ultra PRO is so proud of our design and production team. They have worked tirelessly with local hospitals to develop and design face shields. We can now announce we to date have donated over 10,000 units of PPE across the US and UK. If you know of a healthcare facility in need of face shields or protective sleeving for tablets or other electronic, please reach out to us at or simply use the "Help" feature at the bottom of the page.